December 13, 2011

Feeling festive…

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Starting to feel a little festive… Made a paper wreath and put up my favourite red berries m&s wreath …





July 12, 2011

gathered collections…

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a few of my own collections…

photography by littleframebigwall

June 10, 2011

the overlooked armchair…

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a little bit of chair love… on the list to be worked up into a screen-print and added to the overlooked object collection /

image via littleframebigwall

January 29, 2011

i like to fold old books…

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so i have been a little over busy recently and have neglected my blog…sorry! i’m back now and sharing another of my collections…old vintage books that i have manipulated and folded to create new patterns and sculptures.  there is something about methodically folding the pages of these beautiful books that makes me content. i have them lying around my flat as mini pieces of three dimensional art, each is different and each tells its own story (no pun intended)

images copyright littleframebigwall

January 15, 2011

collections…vintage tickets

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vintage tickets: pen & ink drawing by littleframebigwall

January 12, 2011

Post A Day…

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So… i have gotten inspired by the Post A Day idea that i spied through wordpress… new years resolutions and all that! i am pretty determined to keep it up this time so feel free to nag me if i get slack!

alongside my everyday posts i have decided to start a personal collection project inspired by the lovely blog A collection a Day from Lisa Congdon. Throughout 2010 Liza has been documenting her own collections – (real and sometimes imagined) each day on her blog. I have been an avid follower and wanted to work on my own version. so i am going to start recording some of my own collections and overlooked objects that catch my eye.  Some will be my own, others i will gather, draw or record in some way. i’d like this piece of work to be considered an insight into my thought process and a collaboration of objects that i feel simply can not be overlooked…

much of my artwork to date has derived from the idea of storytelling and taking the onlooker on a journey. interaction between the viewer and the art is key – what makes an object/space/vision intriguing? how does it make you feel? how does it position itself?…

i am really excited about this little project and to be sharing a little look inside my creative head! if you like what you see please say hello…

i thought this quote quite apt…

image via fffound

September 26, 2010

the overlooked object collection…

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my recent work has led to an exploration of the overlooked object… i have a fascination with the mundane and the simplistic beauty of everyday objects that often go unnoticed.  this collection aims to capture, record and reconsider such objects. here are a few of my initial designs – each are screenprinted.  i am currently exploring various textures and weights of paper but i plan to keep the collection predominantly monotone with the odd infusion of colour and the occasional subtle hint of pattern… once complete prints will be available to buy via my website –

images copyright littleframebigwall

September 12, 2010

busy with business cards…

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hello! i’ve been creating a new stash of business cards this morning… each are die cut and the hand typed yes HAND TYPED on my little typwriter – (i get a little over excited by using it though so making a hundred cards wasn’t all bad) i did start forgetting what i was typing though and ended up with james brown lyrics on a few! singing and typing not a good combo – argh…

images copyright littleframebigwall

July 23, 2010

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visit me at

July 17, 2010

creative boom…

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LittleframeBigwall now features in the Creative Boom directory. Creative Boom is an online magazine network community that aims to celebrate, inspire and support the creative industries throughout the UK and the rest of the world. check them out I got a little excited by all the  features and info on their site. Big thanks to founder and editor Katy Cowan for including me on the artist directory… x

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