July 29, 2011

vintage style clocks…

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a while back i visited Anthropologie in London and got a little overexcited by their stationary display and their use these old fashioned alarm clocks… they brought the display alive for me. /

photography by littleframebigwall whist visiting Anthropologie London


July 12, 2011

gathered collections…

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a few of my own collections…

photography by littleframebigwall

collection inspiration…

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fast becoming one of my favourite sites is Kontor Kontor for fantastic collection formats…

images via Kontor Kontor

June 2, 2011

vintage style…

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one of my current wall displays…  yes my home is random. /

photography from littleframebigwall

April 17, 2011

London…decorate / anthropologie for starters…

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last week i took a trip to London town for some fresh inspiration and to attend the launch of Holly Becker of Decor8’s  first book ‘Decorate’. the lovely Holly was kind enough to give me and a few friends her time after the talk for a general chat and give us an insight into her experiences as a blogger and creative. Her words were so inspiring to me and have really given me a new push to get creative again myself. As Holly reminded us there is always something to do so making time to do something that you really love is key… and it gave me a little kick start!

I have been having a detailed look through the Decorate book today and have marked all my favorite pics, notes and tips so i will be sharing those with you later in the week, at the moment i am simply keen to really enjoy absorbing the book before i start sharing!

congratulations again Holly! ///

for now i have a few pics that i took on the trip starting with my time in Anthropologie… i have had this burning desire to visit Antropologie in London for some time now and finally made it there! here are a few snippets of what excited me…

the photograph below is my favorite of the day… the balanced positioning of the two chairs,  the clipped on lamp and the bold tiles really appeal to me and can be recreated reasonable inexpensively. a simple low shelf can be used to display interesting items,  flea market finds alongside books as shown below.

this stationary space in Anthropologie was strewn with beautiful clocks… i took A LOT of photos of them and they really deserve their own post but here is a little sneaky one below! i feel a new collection coming on…

all photography by littleframebigwall

January 29, 2011

i like to fold old books…

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so i have been a little over busy recently and have neglected my blog…sorry! i’m back now and sharing another of my collections…old vintage books that i have manipulated and folded to create new patterns and sculptures.  there is something about methodically folding the pages of these beautiful books that makes me content. i have them lying around my flat as mini pieces of three dimensional art, each is different and each tells its own story (no pun intended)

images copyright littleframebigwall

January 15, 2011

collections…vintage tablet boxes

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i’m not sure why i love these soo much, i keep meaning to frame them…

vintage tablet boxes: photography by littleframebigwall

collections…vintage tickets

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vintage tickets: pen & ink drawing by littleframebigwall

January 12, 2011

Post A Day…

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So… i have gotten inspired by the Post A Day idea that i spied through wordpress… new years resolutions and all that! i am pretty determined to keep it up this time so feel free to nag me if i get slack!

alongside my everyday posts i have decided to start a personal collection project inspired by the lovely blog A collection a Day from Lisa Congdon. Throughout 2010 Liza has been documenting her own collections – (real and sometimes imagined) each day on her blog. I have been an avid follower and wanted to work on my own version. so i am going to start recording some of my own collections and overlooked objects that catch my eye.  Some will be my own, others i will gather, draw or record in some way. i’d like this piece of work to be considered an insight into my thought process and a collaboration of objects that i feel simply can not be overlooked…

much of my artwork to date has derived from the idea of storytelling and taking the onlooker on a journey. interaction between the viewer and the art is key – what makes an object/space/vision intriguing? how does it make you feel? how does it position itself?…

i am really excited about this little project and to be sharing a little look inside my creative head! if you like what you see please say hello…

i thought this quote quite apt…

image via fffound

January 11, 2010

collectable goodness…

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i stumbled across this little bit of prettyness via sfgirlbybay, it linked to Liza Congdon’s new blog ‘a collection a day 2010’. Liza has set herself a project of documenting each of her collections (real or imagined) through photography / illustration. soo pretty…

image via ‘a collection a day 2010’

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