January 12, 2011

Post A Day…

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So… i have gotten inspired by the Post A Day idea that i spied through wordpress… new years resolutions and all that! i am pretty determined to keep it up this time so feel free to nag me if i get slack!

alongside my everyday posts i have decided to start a personal collection project inspired by the lovely blog A collection a Day from Lisa Congdon. Throughout 2010 Liza has been documenting her own collections – (real and sometimes imagined) each day on her blog. I have been an avid follower and wanted to work on my own version. so i am going to start recording some of my own collections and overlooked objects that catch my eye.  Some will be my own, others i will gather, draw or record in some way. i’d like this piece of work to be considered an insight into my thought process and a collaboration of objects that i feel simply can not be overlooked…

much of my artwork to date has derived from the idea of storytelling and taking the onlooker on a journey. interaction between the viewer and the art is key – what makes an object/space/vision intriguing? how does it make you feel? how does it position itself?…

i am really excited about this little project and to be sharing a little look inside my creative head! if you like what you see please say hello…

i thought this quote quite apt…

image via fffound


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